Welcome to Savannah, GA. Life here is more than Spanish moss, to-go cocktails and intractable social codes.

I’m Jessica Leigh Lebos, Writer, Adopted Southerner, Anti-Socialite, Camellia Thief. I married into Savannah in the waning years of of the last century, and I’ve been writing about it ever since.

The thing about living in a city that’s almost 300 years old is that it changes constantly. Every day is a dance between preserving history and considering new perspectives, challenging the old ways and making sure quieter narratives aren’t thrown under the bus of progress. As an outsider who’s made a career of finding my way in, I twirl at the turning point of culture and commerce, art and absurdity, boomers and babies, fine china and biodegradable to-go cups (can we cancel the Styrofoam clamshells already, y’all?)

I offer a weekly treatise on Savannah and its surroundings as I experience it, which may include stories about but not limited to: People you ought to know, small businesses that deserve your dollars, digestible breakdowns of local issues, adoration of local flora and fauna, rages against the machine and events you don’t want to miss (and those you might be glad you did.)

You can also pay me if you’d like: Paid subscribers get exclusive posts, Ask-Me-Anything live events, first dibs on #SavannahSideways swag and my huckleberry-eyed devotion forever, or at least until my remains are interred at Bonaventure.

Want to rent my brain? Hit me up.

From heading up content-related projects and promoting biggie brands to writing pithy copy for every need, my skills are for hire: savannahsideways@gmail.com.

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Spilling the tea and spreading the jam in the South's most interesting city


Writer, Adopted Southerner, Anti-Socialite, Camellia Thief. Author of Savannah Sideways. Passionately in love with my city, which means sometimes I want to slap it silly and send it to bed to sober up.