Why aren't any of the victims of Clay Emkhe's purported sexual assault attacks pressing criminal charges? He shouldn't be tried in social media, as seems to currently be the case, but in criminal court with these victims coming forward. They didn't seem to be too intimidated or shy about putting their claims out there fearing that.... Clay deserves his day in court, just as they do. Their testimony under oath would carry more weight with real prosecutorial judgement and punishment at hand than going to IG and making claims.

Why would these women let this extend out, without taking him off the street to do it again....why would they wait until he is opening a restaurant ?

If you were assaulted, what would you do...I mean right afterwards? Wouldn't you want others to know immediately? Wouldn't you call the police and get him off the street.....or put it on IG ? Asking for justice here, on both sides.

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