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Is that your son?

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Another winner Jessica!!!

Very entertaining and fun... I needed just that after my hot chili con carne I made for dinner tonight... but, thank goodness, no cicadas included on my menu... Stay cool! Well, you are... but you know what I mean... ;-D Thanks!

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Cool ass glasses & Tatt. Heard the whole population of crispy critters hootin & hollerin on my way back from Dahlonega a couple weeks ago while transporting a car full of dorm essentials home to Savannah. Rolled the windows down which wasn’t necessary. Could hear them over my convo w roommate mom & friend. We were like WTF! It was beautiful!

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Especially LOVE this article. I have several of them residing on my window sills. I wish we could still find June bugs❤️

And the tattoo rocks 👍

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