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I love the way you write. You are an artist painting pictures with words. I, also, like how you show love for Savannah while still taking off the blindfolds that many find difficult to remove.

We have to embrace our Savannah whilst admonishing her and setting things right. History isn’t always sweet tea and good manners. We need to acknowledge the dirty face and use some spit and a hanky and clean her face up.

Last weekend I was set up in Forsyth Park for Mobilize Recovery in Georgia and, honestly, I was irritated to be so close to the two busts of Confederate generals. Of course, it hits home for me as I am a descendent of Union General James Birdseye McPherson. (Yay! My family was on the morally correct side of the war!)

“Whatever else I may forget,” the ex-slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass said in 1894, “I shall never forget the difference between those who fought for liberty and those who fought for slavery.”

Germany would never have statues of WWII Nazi generals in their parks. js

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So happy that the chosen name was Taylor! So happy to still be around to appreciate and benefit from the hard work Patt Gunn and her dedicated group put forward. So thankful for the results of their actions. Great read Jessica!

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A beautiful and moving piece, Jessica! My mother would be so proud to see her square renamed in this context.

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how sweet that you mention “Savannah Remembers.” I worked on that project with the videographer from Augusta. It was incredibly satisfying. I may still have all the raw interviews somewhere!!

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